I've been thinking a lot about the way things work and why they work that way.  I think I've always been this way.  My father is an engineer and has always stressed good theory on the way things work and questioning the way things work.  

Actually we all have this in us.  Prepping to be cast in a sea of "why" from my daughter I thought about when I once asked "why" on everything.  Not just specific to my profession or the stars and the moon but everything.  

My thought on that is that children ask why as a way of auditing their world.  Learning the mechanics of life and everything that comes in to their knowing.  And it's pure genius.  The question of why leads somewhere always and adds clarity in any situation.  Especially situations where you may be able to answer the questions yourself to the very end of the string.  I think if more screenplay writers/artists/photographers etc asked this simple question there would be way more killer content out there!