Gear Lust

As a professional photographer I get asked a lot, "what do you shoot with?", "What do you recommend?", "What's the best brand?".  I usually think about trying to go into all the different cameras and brands I shoot with and how it really doesn't matter as long as you choose the right stuff for the right job but usually just give up and say..."right now I shoot with Canon."  Which raises a whole other set of questions.  Let's just say I've been there.  Lusting over equipments and gadgets is a past time with me (just ask my wife!).  


Good photographers know that gear is important at the professional level but also it's not everything...not even close to everything actually.  I know all the talented photographers I've worked or work with such as Blake Marvin would testify to this.  I keep a watch on Vincent Laforet, I love his work and really enjoy looking at his transition into motion picture.  A lot of photographers are half artist/half geek.  That is probably why we love to obsess over gear.  Mr. Laforet has produced what I like to call the mother of all gear lists here: let your gear lust begin friends!  You should also stick around and see some of the material Vincent produces as well.  Great stuff!