TRON - The Trailer

I'm very excited about the upcoming sequel to Tron.  Did I mention VERY excited.  Tron was always the coolest game in the arcade growing up.  The neon blue console demanded never to be ignored.  That's not why I'm putting the trailer in this blog post though.  I love trailers I think it's an amazing platform and dare I say art form. There are some movies I still go back and watch the trailer to and I would never really bother to watch the movie ever again...I will allow those movies to remain nameless but you know who you are.  

Check out this Tron trailer.  I love this one especially because if you really pay attention to the tempo and the music especially it's just so well done.  I love how the music switches from orchestral to electronic as soon as the view is taken in to the "Tronerverse"..don't sue me Disney, I made the term "Tronerverse" up.  Props to whatever person or people put this one together!