Introducing Google Chrome

So last night I was talking to the lady about operating systems and she was wondering why there wasn't more of them competing. I mean there should be right? Wouldn't you think? My explanation was that other's have tried and failed and that an OS is so huge it would take so many people and time and development almost no one has the means or the strong will needed to try so we have linux,Unix, OSX, and of course the mighty market shared Windows. Then I'm looking around the internet this morning....figures! ;)

What do you do when you're an awesome company with lots of cash in the bank? Might as well come out with an operating system!

Even though this is a netbook targeting one, that's how all OS's start right? Small. Coming to a netbook near you tomorrow, coming to full fledged computers the day after, and the next day? Robots. Enough said!

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